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Electrical Panel Upgrade Plano, TX

Electrical Panel Upgrade in Plano, Texas

Your electrical panel is the “nerve center” of your Plano home’s electrical system. Without a correctly working electrical panel, nothing electrical in your home will work right, or work at all!

Did you know that almost half of all homes either don’t have panels large enough to support the electrical needs of the modern home or have outdated panels? Aside from the inconvenience of losing power to areas of your home, both of these situations also increase the risk of electrical fires and injury due to electrical shock!

Some of the most common culprits of panel safety issues are electrical circuit breaker panels manufactured  by Federal Pacific, Zinsco, and Challenger Panels.

If you are thinking about upgrading or changing your breaker panel, Caliber Electric offers Arc Fault Circuit Breakers Installation which not only trip when a circuit is overloaded, but also sense if there is a short in the wire. This allows your breaker to shut down a faulty wire sooner before fire and damage can occur.

Fuse Box

Many of our Plano customers question whether or not their fuse box is safe and wonder if a circuit breaker panel would be better. Fuse boxes can be nuisances because when a fuse blows, you need to make sure you have the correct size and type on hand. If you don’t, you’ll have to run to the hardware store in addition to making sure you purchase the correct type.

If you have a question about your Fuse Box or want to discuss what will work best in your home, contact Caliber Electric by phone or online.We’re glad to help.

Are fuse boxes more dangerous than circuit breaker panels?

The amount of electricity a fuse box or circuit breaker panel can safely handle is measured in amps. Most fuse boxes were installed prior to 1970. We obviously use much more electricity now than we did back then.

Many fuse boxes only have enough capacity to safely allow 60 amps of electricity in the entire home. Each individual circuit usually holds only about 15 amps. Some homes do have one 30 amp circuit for a stove or water heater, but that’s it.

In reality most Plano households need much more electrical capacity. Homes that are built today will contain circuit breaker panels with 150-200 amp where each circuit can hold up to 20 amps safely. We put so much electrical burden on our modern homes that this amount is necessary to keep up with our technological and daily life demands. For convenience alone, an upgrade is worth looking into.

Fuses are designed to prevent circuit overload. Circuit overload causes fire. It is true that fuse boxes are more of a fire hazard than circuit breaker panels because of the age of the fuse boxes and the fact that homeowners often put the wrong type of fuses into their boxes. What happens when you put a 20 amp or 30amp fuse into a 15 amp circuit? You create a major fire hazard! If your fuses are constantly burning out, it may be because your circuits are overloaded.

If you live in Plano, Texas and are thinking about changing your fuse box to a circuit breaker panel, Caliber Electric offers exclusive Fire Guard circuit breakers which not only trip when a circuit is overloaded but also sense if there is a short in the wire. This allows your breaker to shut down a faulty wire sooner before fire and damage can occur.

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